What’s in a name?

Some people may be wondering where we got the name FGFireworks from.  Some may not be wondering and if you are one of those, then this posting will be explaining something you are not wondering about.

Anyhow, way back before we started our fireworks shows, before smartphones, before even Facebook existed, there was a group of friends.  We were siblings and friends who lived in the same area, who went to school together and who hung out together.  The internet did exist and we created a web based forum that enabled us to keep in touch (much like Facebook is today).  We had to come up with a name for this forum and, if memory serves, it was Aaron who came up with the name Franklin Gang.  Since we all hailed from Franklin, for our formative years, the name made sense and became the name for our group.

The forum continued for several years until Facebook took off and we migrated over to that platform.  We’ve all grown since then, have families, careers and lives of our own.  However, we are still in touch with each other and friends to this day.

Our fireworks began with this core group of people and has, over the years, grown.  We originally called the event “the Franklin Gang Fireworks display” and would hold the events in friends and families yards.  In 2015 we partnered with Picker’s Creek Winery and were able to bring our love of fireworks to a much larger audience.

We continue to grow our audience and show.  Each years gets bigger and better and more refined.  We have shortened Franklin Gang Fireworks to FGFireworks to streamline the name and make it easier to remember.  We thank all of you who have helped us grow our event and look forward to seeing you at Picker’s Creek Winery on July 3rd this year!

Stay tuned here and our facebook page for all the latest updates

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