The countdown continues… important information recap

We are closing in on our 2016 fireworks extravaganza!  As we get closer to the event, I want to take a minute to re-iterate a few key points and answer some questions that we have had.

  1. Is there any charge?
    1. There will be a $10 minimum donation per vehicle this year  (if you want to donate more, we would greatly appreciate it!)
    2. This will be cash only
    3. If you don’t have cash, there is an ATM at the Exxon at 431 and HWY 50 (2 miles from winery)
    4. All proceeds will go directly toward the fireworks dislay
  2. What time should I get there?
    1. The winery opens at 12:00pm (noon), so anytime after that
    2. Live music will start at 5:00pm
    3. Gates will close at 8:30pm, or once we reach capacity
    4. Fireworks will start at 9:00pm
  3. Can I bring food?
    1. Yes! Feel free to bring a picnic lunch
    2. Food trucks will also be available offering a variety of delicious food for sale
  4. Can I bring beverages?
    1. Yes, Feel free to bring any NON-ALCOHOLIC beverage
    2. The winery will be offering free tasting and will have wine available for purchase
  5. What else should I bring?
    1. The seating area is a large open field, bring your folding chairs, pads and/or blankets to make yourselves comfortable
  6. Can I bring a pop-up tent/canopy?
    1. Should you choose to bring one, we ask that you take it down by 8:30pm so that it doesn’t interfere with anyone else’s view of the show

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Be sure to check back often for the latest information and updates.

See you there!

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