2010 Display

First, a very big thanks to all of the people that helped out with the setup this year!

Scott, Shaun, Chuck, Steve Seiler, Toni, Ashley, Aaron

Second, an equally big thanks to all of the others that helped in other ways (food, property, planning, loading/unloading, etc.)!

Steve, Rick, Robert, Mike Seiler, Jill, Sue, Colin, David (and I’m sure there were more, but it was dark).

Finally, thank you to all who came out!  We hope you had a good time and will be back for next year’s show!
On to the good stuff:
We had some technical difficulties this year.  The fusing was old and stalled in a couple of places.  Nothing a firm nudge with the blow torch couldn’t handle.  Other than that, the show went off beautifully!  Of all the fireworks, only 1 fountain and 10 mortars missed.

Here is the link for the video:  2010 RAW Video (3.47GB)

Here is the link for the slightly cleaned up video that I posted over to Facebook: 2010 Clean Video (31MB)

Setup was awesome this year!  Took us just under 2 hours to get everything unloaded and setup.

Here’s the link for the setup video:  2010 setup video (506MB)

Picture of the full “table”: