2008 Display

The Group:

A little different this year.  I had to purchase some of the pieces at a different time and being processing them earlier than the others in the group.

Here’s the first photo showing the normal normal group picture (oh yeah, the Roman Candles (near top right) is only 1/4 of the total available).


Other news:

Minor change on the mortar racks from last year.  Changed the process for assembly to decrease labor at setup time.  Old way was 20 nuts & bolts per rack, new way is 4.  Also, new way has handles for easier transportation!

If you’re keeping score, ’05 had 60 mortars, ’06 had 80, ’07 had 480 and this year, ’08, will have a grand total of 840 mortars throughout the entire show!

Have some new matches we’ll be trying out this year.  Still have to build them but the reliability is near 100% in all the testing we’ve done.  So, hopefully, they will be the magic bullet we’ve been waiting for as far as matching goes.  We shall see.

While you’re waiting for the 4th, check out a little promo video containing clips of last year’s finale.
Promo Video (37MB, wmv)

There will be plenty more to come and once we have recovered from the 3rd and 4th, additional content will be added to this page.  Until then, this is the last update.

Update 7/4/2008 – Here are the pictures of the display table and a raw video of the show.  There will be plenty more pictures, videos and other stuff to come, but that will be later.  For now, enjoy!