2006 Display

Final Display Table setup:

2006_Table - All 1  2006_Table - All 2

2006 Firework Video
This year the main camera focused on the display table so I could time each of the items that were fired.  Fortunately, my sister was recording the sky display on her digital camera.  We were able to merge the two together so you can have some idea of what was happening in the air throughout.  Next year, the camera work will be dedicated to the sky display and should present a much better video for viewing.
(the “boo” you hear a few minutes in is my brother.  there was a delay due to the match composition (explained below) that was quite lengthy (30-40 seconds?).  i edited out the delay but for some reason didn’t edit out the “boo”.  oh well.)

Fire Control Box:

2006_Switch Box - Front  2006_Switch Box - Back

Last year I used a fuse timing mechanism to fire each of the 19 cues.  This year’s display has 44 cues.  That’s way to many to even begin to attempt with fusing.  (Technically, I suppose I could, but hey, it’s going to be more fun and reliable this way).

So, this year I built a switch box with 22 double throw switches (2 connections per switch (on-off-on).  Each of these switches were wired to a lead that fed out to the display table (gray wiring).  They were also wired to a 12V 1A transformer.  The ends of the leads were connected to electric matches which were in turn connected to each of the cues (fireworks).

Now, with the transformer plugged in, all I have to do is switch the appropriate switch to fire the appropriate cue.  This was fantastic because now I can adjust timing on the fly (not possible with the fusing).

The only downside I had was the match composition I used and the length of the lead lines cause some matches to ignite slow (take a couple seconds to ignite) or even not ignite at all.

Next year will be better.