Introducing our newest addition: Mortar Rack Mark 3

It was a bittersweet time.  Our newest racks will provide some great benefits: decreased setup time, less space consumption, easier fusing.  However, they also mean the retirement of our Mark 2 mortar racks.  These racks were introduced in our 2007 show and have been with us each year since.  I, personally, will miss these old friends and am grateful for the many years of reliable service they have provided to our shows.  🙂

Mortar Rack M2 - 02    Mortar Rack M2 - 01

And now, to introduce our newest workhorse, the Mark 3 racks:

20160303_171809 20160303_171756

This new design eliminates all excess material and reduces weight and space requirements.  The newer racks have fewer tubes per rack (40 vs 60), however, we now have 24 racks vs 16.  Same total shell count as before.

I’m looking forward to many years of use from these new racks and can’t wait for their inaugural use in 3.5 months!

(stay tuned for a Mark 3 building overview to see how these racks were assembled)

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