Control Panel and final testing

New for this year is the use of our firing system’s company’s brand new Control Panel. The Control Panel is a program that runs on a standard Android tablet and connected to the firing system remote control. Once connected, it presents a variety of information in an easy to interpret manner. It makes the testing, troubleshooting and firing of scripted shows that much more intuitive.

Previously, the script has been loaded into the remote and the remote has a 3 character LED display that shows you the information available. You can cycle through the different field modules and see if everything is connected or not. When it’s time to fire the show, the lower LED display shows a time count down until the next event and the upper LED display shows what event just fired.

With the new control panel, all modules are displayed in one easy to view screen with the pertinent information (battery levels, signal strength, connected cues) listed there. You can click into any of the field modules and get the more detailed information including any errors/exceptions that might exist.

At show time, the Control Panel will display the script and as the display progresses, it will show what just fired, what’s set to fire next. It also shows the entire display run time, the remaining display time and time to next event.

This week we have completed the final dry run of the display script. We made a couple of adjustments due to some timing issues and how things were set to go off. We made things more smooth for a better display experience for the audience.

At this point, the program testing is completed and ready for July 3rd.

Stay tuned here and our facebook page for all the latest updates

We are excited for the upcoming display and can’t wait to see everyone and put on another amazing display for all of you!

See you in about 2 1/2 months!

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