April 1st (no April Fool’s jokes here!)

Hello again everyone! We have started a new month and are even closer to our annual display show. Things have been moving along daily and all of the many details are getting closer to finalization!

At this point, the main display script has been completed. This is the program that runs the entire display. It tells each piece in the display when to fire so everything works out perfectly. This year is our biggest display and the script for it 298 lines of code (last year’s was 215 lines)!

New this year will be that each section of the display will be fully timed. This means the controller will manage the entire display and when each item is fired. Previously, one of us would manually start each item. Which means that we would have to be constantly monitoring each item for when it was finishing to start the next item. This year, we have the times added into the script so it knows when it should fire the next item.

While the script itself is completed, we still need to perform our final quality control tests of the script. This will ensure that everything is working exactly as expected.

Stay tuned here and our facebook page for all the latest updates

We are excited for the upcoming display and can’t wait to see everyone and put on another amazing display for all of you!

See you in about 3 months!

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