All fused up, no place to go

Earlier this week, we had our annual “racking party”. This isn’t as fun as it sounds. This involves us getting together and setting up the 16 racks of mortar shells. Each of the 960 shells are individually loaded into the mortar tubes. Then, they are all tied together with fast fuse according to the show design (by tied together, I mean taped). 
This entire process took us about 2 hours this year, which is the shortest amount of time it’s taken us so far. That doesn’t count the 2 hours it took to open and prep all of the shells from their original packaging. All told, these 4+ hours of prep time will work out to about 3 minutes of fireworks display time!

That sounds like a lot of effort for a small result, but that’s not the case. Those 3 minutes will be quite spectacular and an incredible finish for our 10th anniversary show!

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