5 weeks to go!

Just over 1 month left until our 10th anniversary show!  This is about the point where I start checking and double checking all of the check lists to make sure nothing got left off or forgotten about.  A recurring dream around this time of year is that we are all gathered around for the big celebration and I completely forget to buy the fireworks.  Of course, that is already done, but it makes me second guess and go through this routine every year.

Just before posting this, I opened the master list of things to be done and scanned through it again.  As expected, everything is on target and going exactly according to plan.  There are still quite a few things left to be done to finalize the preparations for the show.  We are whittling the list down though and soon, we’ll all be sitting around, enjoying the beautiful weather and views at the winery and waiting to see the spectacular show!


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