Our very first ever show was April Fool’s day 2005.  A handful of us thought we’d throw a mock New Year’s party.  As a part of that, we decided we wanted to have some fireworks.  We set out to find one of those side of the interstate firework stands.  Unfortunately, most people aren’t doing fireworks in April and the ones that were close to us were closed.  This turned out to be a fortunate thing though as we eventually located a bulk supplier of fireworks and for the minimum purchase of $300, we bought enough fireworks to completely fill the trunk and we had to have the people in the back seat of the car hold the extras on their lap!  Our “show” ended up with us lighting this vast pile of fireworks off in a one at a time manner.

This sparked the fire and got us thinking about what we could really do if we put more efforts into this.  We decided to put together the inaugural, actual show for the 2005 Independence Day.

Those very first individuals were:  Chris, Ash, Toni, Scott & Jen.  Aaron provided phone support in locating the fireworks bulk dealer for us.

There are many people that participate in today’s show in some way or another.  Those that are deeply involved in the planning and the financing of the show are those that we consider the founders of the show.

They are as follow (in alphabetical order):

  • Chris & Lisa Ciesliga
  • Chuck & Sue Ciesliga
  • Shaun & Toni Ciesliga
  • Ashley & Toni Harvey
  • Scott Miller
  • Rick & Stacie Rardon
  • Mike & Heather Solima

These individuals have contributed thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours towards making each year better and bigger than the year before.